Cierge is an open source authentication server (OIDC) that handles user signup, login, profiles, management, and more. Instead of storing passwords, Cierge uses magic links/codes and external logins to authenticate your users.

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No passwords

Instead of passwords, users login using a magic link/code or using external social logins - no more passwords to remember or store and all emails are verified by default
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User management

Users can edit their profiles and add or remove emails or external logins while an admin manages it all from the admin panel
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External logins

Instead of logging in using email, users can use social logins such as Google, Facebook, Github, etc. Users can also associate multiple logins for one account

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No leakage

Cierge does not reveal anything (literally) about users until they've been authenticated - eg. it's impossible for an attacker to even know if an email is in use (unlike traditional password systems)
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Event logs

To aid in breach detection, detailed event logs are kept easily accessible to users and admins for each account
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OpenID Connect

Cierge exposes an OIDC (based on OAuth 2.0, implicit flow) endpoint so you can easily integrate it with your existing APIs

Spin it up in a Docker container and ta-da, you're done with auth.

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Not convinced? Here's why passwordless is the future...

😟What if a user's email is compromised?

That's also a problem with traditional password logins. An attacker can click "forgot password", enter an email, and simply bypass the password altogether. As a matter of fact, Cierge removes a point of failure by making passwordless the only login method.

😲What if my email is only accessible on another device?

Cierge sends a magic link as well as a magic code that a user can manually enter into the login screen to continue as an alternative to clicking the link. Magic codes are short, volatile, & memorable (eg. 443 863). For example, you can look up the code on your phone then enter it into your browser on desktop. Note that Cierge also allows external social logins so users can skip emails altogether.

😫I don't find this convenient enough! And what about grey listing?

Cierge supports external social logins (eg. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.) in addition to email login. Users can use any number of login methods at the same time. Also remember that Cierge is, if anything, more convenient than the now-popular 2FA.

🤔How does Cierge handle changing emails?

Cierge does not have a "change email" feature. Instead, users can "add" or "remove" logins (logins can be emails or external logins) - so changing an email is equivalent to adding a new email (which involves verifying it) then optionally removing the old one. This ensures users can't use unverified emails, and makes it hard for an intruder to completely take ownership of an account. Removing your last login is equivalent to deleting your account.

🤔What about breach detection?

With traditional password logins, a user would notice if their password has been changed. With Cierge, a user would notice if an attacker removed their email from thier logins. In addition, Cierge exposes an easily-accessible read-only event log of everything that has happened to an account (with associated IP addresses & user agents) to aid in breach detection, accessible to account owners and admins.

😊No passwords to hash, no passwords to store.

Even if your database is compromised, your users won't be.

😊Users won't have to come up with their 278th password.

Lack of complex password rules means convince for both you and your users. User won't have to come up with and remember yet another password, and you won't have to worry about password reuse.

😌Brute forcing is no longer a problem.

Cierge utilises reCAPTCHA to ensure magic codes (which expire quickly) are not brute-forceable.

😌No profile existence leakage. Actually, no leakage of any kind.

With traditional password systems, a malicious user can try to register with an email to find out if it exists. With Cierge, 0 data is leaked about users or if they exist - until authenticated. This comes naturally since Cierge makes little distinction between registration and login.

💵🗝️It's free & open source.

Get it on GitHub and feel free to contribute. Pronounced "concierge" without the "con".

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